Updating your TelePilot Plugin: Stay Ahead with the Latest Features

The technology landscape evolves quickly, and so does our TelePilot plugin. We continuously add new features and make improvements to provide a more robust, user-friendly experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your TelePilot plugin updated.

To stay informed about the latest release, follow our Telegram channel @telepilotco.

Alternatively, you can check the n8n-nodes-telepilot npm package page.

If you installed as Community Plugin

Presently, the “Update” button on the “Community Plugins” page of n8n doesn’t directly update the plugin. Here’s the recommended process:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” -> “Community Plugins” and uninstall @telepilotco/n8n-nodes-telepilot.
  2. Restart your n8n instance to ensure any cached files have been purged.
  3. Return to “Settings” -> “Community Plugins” and reinstall @telepilotco/n8n-nodes-telepilot.

After you’ve completed these steps, cross-verify the version of @telepilotco/n8n-nodes-telepilot installed on your system with the latest package version listed on https://npmjs.com. They should match, confirming that you’re up-to-date!

If you encounter any issues or have questions about the process, we’re here to help. Join our Telegram community at @telepilotco for support, insights, and updates on TelePilot. We look forward to seeing you there!

Stay tuned for more features and happy automating!

If you installed manually or via Dockerfile

In this case you would need to remove the node from your n8n installation. Navigate to your ~/.n8n/nodes folder and execute following commands:

npm r @telepilotco/n8n-nodes-telepilot
npm i @telepilotco/n8n-nodes-telepilot

If you are building your Docker image from Dockerfile or running n8n via docker-compose, simply rebuild your docker image. This can be done by running following command in the folder where your Dockerfile resides:

docker build . --network=host --no-cache -t n8n-alpine-dockerfile-installation --progress=plain